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  1. CityLights (1:35)
    An uptown, brassy ‘walking bass’ opener, drums steady ride.
  2. 46th&Judah (3:40)
    Mid-60s Miles/Wayne/Herbie/Tony Williams sparse (yet drum active) and dark.
  3. Soulstice (6:50)
    Bugalu, loping soul groove ala Jazz Crusaders. (more latin/bossa). Solos.
  4. Resolve a Tre (1:49)
    Bluesy slow fanfare.
  5. Farben Nocturne (6:36)
    Tenor feature. Slow brushes. Sulty ballroom ballad. Schoenberg, op. 16.
  6. Sweetness (to Walter Payton) (11:59)
    A rumbling, steady-sixteenth in bass pulse thumper, horns ala Coltrane’s Africa, solos in McCoy Tyner modal groove.
  1. Sal & Sophie (3:42)
    Trumpet feature, easy swing, laid-back and light.
  2. We've Been Through This Before (11:51)
    A stutter-step, sassy romp featuring solos by tenor sax, trumpet and drums.
  3. Elan Number 9 (5:19)
    Trumpet feature. Lush keyboard harmonies with trumpet melody. Saxophone plays ‘moto perpetuo’ part. Rhythmically loping along. Eastern.
  4. My Blue Rainbar (4:44)
    High-stepping New Orleans ‘Dirty Dozen’ horns feature conducted (in 2, maybe very fast 4). Snare drumming ala parade style.Triplet ‘strip-club’ tom-tom drumming. Vegas style closer.
  5. Networks (5:55)
    Graphic score for inspirational free playing. Fast.

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